do you work alone?

It's about a 50/50 split. Some couples want a second photographer, some don't. Once I know more about your day and budget, we can discuss adding a member to the team.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

14 years. I know. Dang.

I see you shoot film. Does that cost extra?

It depends on how much of it you want integrated into your day. I usually take anywhere from a few snaps to a few rolls per wedding. It's more of an accent to your digital gallery, and gives you something tangible after the wedding is over. Anything more that, we'd have to have a conversation. Any additional cost would be to cover lab fees, so nothing too gnarly.

How many pictures can I expect to receive in a wedding gallery?

Depending on the dynamic of the day, anywhere from 700-1000.

can I have the raw images?

Sorry. RAW image files are not available to clients.

Any seasonal discounts?

You know it. I consider my off season to be Thanksgiving through Saint Patricks Day, so pricing is a bit less in those months.

Do you help with the timeline?

I generally make the timeline from pre-ceremony through sunset, in regards to where and when photos will take place. Unless you have a day of coordinator. Then we work together, which is even better.

How long do we have to wait for our photos?

That depends on the time of year you get married. Editing slows down in the fall, because it's my busiest time of year for events. The average turnaround time is 8 weeks. I'll text you some previews for sure, though.

Will you be the person photographing my wedding?

Yes. I'm also returning your emails, texts, phone calls, editing your images, making the photo timeline, shooting your engagement session, and whatever else may come my way. I am fully invested in your wedding day, and am with you from start to finish.

Do you offer any type of video service?

No, but I work closely with a few companies that match my aesthetic and approach to the day. There's even a small discount I apply to my package if you book one of them.

Do you offer any add-ons?

Yes, I do. Things you can add to your package are additional time, a second shooter, engagement session, rehearsal dinner coverage, and more 35mm film incorporated into your gallery.

Where do you shoot most of your weddings?

I'd say 75% of my couples get married in Newport, RI. It's where I'm based, and also where I was raised and still live. Being a local has its advantages when trying to avoid summer crowds for photos.

Is $5500 the lowest price for coverage?

Nope. It's just where most couples land. The more I know about your wedding, the better I can quote you.

Can I do less coverage than 8 hours?

In some cases, yes you can. My approach to your day requires me to be present about an hour before ceremony or first look, and stay until at least the end of reception formalities. Always good to get some dance floor coverage too. You didn't practice those moves for nothing.

Do you travel?

4 hours from Newport, RI is generally the max distance I travel for weddings.

how is my gallery delivered?

I email you a link with a password, and you can share and download your gallery with ease. There is nothing to purchase from me after you get your pictures. You can order prints directly from my site, and I also have preferred print companies I can send your way. Up to you, but either way, the digital images are yours.

My family is kind of crazy. How do you deal with group photos?

With a plan in place and clear direction. This is the part of the day where I may need to raise my voice to get stuff done. I also try to find the black sheep of the family and ridicule them for comic relief. It makes everyone feel better.

Can I see a full wedding?

Of course. Just ask. I probably even have a few of your venue if you're getting married in Newport.

Any favorite vendors?

Everyone has favorites, and I'm no exception. Once we get into talking, I can tell you about them. They're pretty awesome.

Is my wedding the only one you'll be shooting that day?

I am a one man army, so I can only work one event per day.

What happens if you get sick and can't come to my wedding?

I have a group of industry peers that can help me out if that situation ever becomes a reality.

Can you shoot my rehearsal dinner?

I book rehearsal dinners about 6 months from your wedding date. I can't commit any further out than that in case I book a wedding the day before yours.

Got a rain plan?

I always have a plan. You may not like it, but I have one. It's what this raincoat I'm carrying is for.

Want to see my Pinterest board?

Fuck no.