Odds are, this is the first page you clicked on.

And rightfully so. Weddings are expensive.

Your quote is specific to you. The prices listed below are where most of my couples land. Some a bit more, some a bit less. The more you can tell me about your plan when you reach out, the better. Clicking here might answer some of your questions for now, though.

Thank you kindly.



Reserved for couples who book their wedding with me. Gives us a chance to meet. See what our voices sound like in person. Throw some high fives. Always a good time.



$5,500 (8 hours)

I don't like to quote any price before talking to a couple, because not all weddings fit the same blueprint. There are certain elements that can be added, or taken away, that affect the cost for coverage. So let's have a conversation about it. 

family & Maternity


So now you're making the babies. I bet your folks are pumped. They'd be even more pumped if they had photos of those grandkids, though. A phone call every now and then wouldn't hurt either.